Sunday, 29 June 2014

Glorious gardening weather

Well the last few weeks have been brilliant for the garden if not necessarily for us. The sunshine, showers and general warmth have made everything grow vigorously and the garden is looking lush.

I now have in the ground :

Runner beans
French beans
Mixed salad
Carrots - autumn king and chantaney
Brussel sprouts
Maris piper main crop potatoes
Second early potatoes
Ridge cucumbers
Savoy cabbage
Mange tout
Globe artichoke
Tomatoes - normal and cherry
Bell peppers

I've also been clearing quite a bit of the garden ready for a) the grass seed for the rest of the lawn in September and b) for the cottage garden border. I've planted a few of the seeds already and have included the likes of black eyed susan, delphiniums,  hollyhock,  foxglove, wallflower and sweet williams to go with the aqualegia that are already in there.

The hanging baskets and tubs have also been done  and are starting to fill out.

The clematis we put in to grow over an arch down the bottom of the garden is shooting up and I'm training it to hopefully cover as much of the cheap arch as possible.

Also you may remember the nest of blue tits that I had a camera on. Well sadly the nest was abandoned and all of the chicks died. Now I'm not sure what happened but I think the male was either predated or was scared off as my next door neighbours cut down a bush next to the box and the female tried to care for them on her own but she too eventually abandoned the chicks. Sad but this is nature and hopefully there will be success in  the box next season

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