Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Boar targeted by gun gang

Gloucestershire police are searching for a group of men in a 4x4 who were apparently taking pot shots at wild boar at Forest hills golf club last week. Since this incident an 18 month old male boar has been found nearby in woodland having apparently bled to death from a gunshot wound.

Boar story in local paper 

This is an horrific act that caused this poor animal who knows what kind of suffering. Sadly incidents like this are set to become more common as more people ignore warnings and continue to feed the boar. This makes them more tame and more likely to approach humans. This danger is two fold in that either people or dogs are more likely to be injured as the boar approach them thinking they have food and also it opens them up to being easy targets.

Back in May the press were alerted to the poaching of a boar in the Dean. What made this case so press worthy was that the poachers had targeted a sow with dependant piglets in blatant disregard for the piglets lives. Luckily the piglets were fine and have been seen by many since. However, things could of been much worse with them eventually succumbing to starvation. Link to the story on facebook Boar sow killing!

A few locals have set up a group to help protect the boar and with the intention of educating the public to understand them.

People need to learn that the Boar are not pets they are dangerous wild animals who will leave you alone if you leave them. Feeding them is only asking for trouble so please remember if you visit the Forest:


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