Sunday, 13 April 2014

All dug over!

As I finish half day on a Friday, we decided to go and do a bit of shopping at the new The Range store that's opened in Gloucester. It was extremely busy but I did manage to get the chicken wire I wanted so that I could fence off the veg patch from the dog. 

So once it was fenced off I dug the patch over and placed a raised bed on there for carrots and potatoes.
I dug in some well rotted manure which I got from a friends horse, so now its all ready for planting when the seedlings are ready/ the threat of frosts have passed. ( I will do a post of what I have grown soon and give you a tour of my greenhouse)

As you  can see the raised bed has orange fencing on it so that the local cats don't use it as a litter box! I am waiting for a crop cage to arrive which will look a little better. Down on the right hand side of the photo you can see the 'spring garden' ( hey if Monty can have one so can I lol) This will stay as the lower part of my veg patch and is full of fritillaries, primroses and what I think is bluebells.  

I also had my ten hawthorn bushes arrive which I purchased on ebay. I wanted a wildlife friendly hedge down the bottom of the garden so that a) it gave us a bit more privacy and b) stopped the dog jumping the low fence. I They came all wrapped in paper and cellophane, so I unwrapped them and soaked the roots for a few hours before planting them. Not a very good photo but you get the idea.

And finally for my birthday at the end of March I was bought a nest box camera, we put it up on the side of my office but thought that it was too late for any takers this year. However, within 5 mins it was being checked out by a pair of blue tits, but they then seemed to disappear for a few weeks until this weekend when I turned the tv on to find that they had started to build a nest.

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