Saturday, 5 April 2014

Living the good life!

I've not written for a while as the last 18 months have been pretty hectic. We have finally moved house into our own bungalow, and have discovered we are having another baby who is due any day now and we have both turned 30!
My priorities have obviously had to change for the time being due to my situation and this blog will now feature posts mainly about my garden and attempts to live as much of a 'good life' as possible,
To start off with I suppose I better show you the garden as it was when we purchased the bungalow.
The lady who had it was elderly and had managed the garden so it needed as little maintenance as poss.
This included a lot of boulders, shrubs, trees and lots and lots of bark chippings. Now although it looked nice it wasn't what we wanted but we could see the potential and began making plans for chickens, a veg patch, a wildlife area and a lawn for the kids and pets to enjoy.

This is looking from back garage door and as you can see there is a lot of shrubs overgrowing the path, two huge buddleia bushes, loads of primroses and bark. This are is where we plan on having our veg patch.

This is the same area from the other direction where you can see a small tree in the foreground which was some form of apple tree. The large tree in the background is our boundary and this is where we plan on having a wildlife area with pond.

This is looking down the right hand side of our garden with yet me shrubs and trees. The left hand side of this pic will eventually be where the lawn starts. Towards the back fence is where the greenhouse, compost bins and chicken coop will be.

This is looking up from the bottom of the garden you can see from the previous pic. The right hand side of this pic is where the lawn will extend down to.

A closer view of the corner where the greenhouse, chickens and compost bins will be.

And finally the view from our back door. The dirt on the left hand side is where the lawn will start. 

As you can see we have our work cut out for us and we have made a start. Having cleared the area in the above photo we have now laid the seed for the new lawn. 

You can also see we have put the greenhouse up and the compost bins down in the corner.

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