Sunday, 20 April 2014

Animal room

As promised this blog would also be about the animals that I keep as pets. When we moved into the bungalow it had a single garage which I decided to convert into an animal room come office where by I could escape from the family and keep the animals secure without them actually being in the house. We split the garage into thirds with the front half being used as a storage shed for bikes etc and the back two 3rds is my office.

This is the crested gecko tanks - Scully, Salem and Bob live here
On top of them is my Pacman frog Dexter on the left & my Anery Corn snake Merlin on the right

Top left:  normal leopard gecko Osiris, Top right: Pastel Royal Arwen
Bottom Left: Empty (at the moment), Right: Super snow leopard gecko Angel

The two large vivs house our Bearded Dragons with Blaze on the top and Hermione and Ron in the bottom

Heres my 3 Rats, Smokey, Bandit and dusty

The wild bird food and nest box camera monitor along with my telescope.

My desk with all my OU text books and other paraphernalia.

My next blog post about my pets will have some close ups of the menagerie so you can get a sense of what I actually have. 

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